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2015 North America Info Session Coming Soon

2016-09-09 19:17:51

In order to make the students a better understanding for more detailed information about how to apply for UIBE SIE Short-Term Academic Programs , how to schedule their summer to gain an unforgettable experience. UIBE  SIE Short-Term Academic Programs 2015 Info session will be held during Nov. in North America.

This time, program coordinators from UIBE  SIE Short-Term Academic Programs Office will visit more than 25 U.S universities including Pennsylvania State University, Drexel University, University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Denver etc. We will explain to the students what the UIBE  SIE Short-Term Academic Program is, what kind of experience you will have in it, how to apply for the courses and answer any questions from the students. It is the best opportunity for us to get the real needs from the students and the best way for the students more information through the official way.

2015 Info Sessions will also invite our Alumni to share their experiences with the students, professors and our staff at UIBE SIE Short-Term Academic Programs and tell their interesting stories on UIBE campus.

In addition, we will provide snacks and drinks for students. It's all FREE!

The specific schedule for the info sessions will be announced soon, please check our website later.

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